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About Us

Child Care Bureau Ltd was founded in 2000 by the Hemmings - a former fostering family who believe Fostering Families and Looked After Children deserve better services than they had experienced in their time as Foster Carers.

CCB have continued to build on this fundamental belief - that services must reflect the needs of those who use them. We believe that in order for Foster Carers to succeed in helping young people to thrive and grow, then excellent, well designed support services must be in place which deliver the confidence and skills for them to achieve success.

We also believe that we have a responsibility to the people we work with and the communities we operate in, to be an organisation that brings opportunities and benefits This is why we commit to being a Socially Responsible Organisation and an Investor in People.

“Our vision is to be an organisation that leaves a positive impression on all those with whom it has contact.”
- Child Care Bureau

Ofsted Reports

Ofsted inspect and regulate to achieve excellence in the care of children and young people. You can access CCB's reports from the Ofsted website via the following link:

Child Care Bureau Ltd Ofsted Reports

Statement of Purpose

A detailed description of the services we offer is reviewed regularly by our management team. A PDF is available via the following link:

Child Care Bureau Ltd Statement of Purpose

Why choose CCB?

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